REVIEW: N2N Bodywear Air Brief

Underwear Review N2N Bodywear Air BriefN2N Bodywear furnished the Air Brief (UN83) for review.

Rating: 10/10

  • Daily Fit: 10/10
  • Sizing: 10/10
  • Construction: 10/10
  • Styling: 10/10
  • Daily Performance: 10/10

Pros: Natural Pouch, Slinky Fabric, Lightweight.

Cons: None.

SALVATORE Recommendation: Admittedly, this is an older design with an updated color option. However, when I received the N2N Bodywear Air Brief in Peach, my eye was immediately drawn to its smooth look and lightweight feel. There was something new and clean about this brief that I hadn’t noticed before. It helped me get in the mood for a summer filled with fun new underwear colors, styles, and cuts.

If you read any review that I have done on this blog, you will know that I am a sucker for pouches. My collection is almost exclusively anatomical in nature. I have an eye for what pouch will work for me as soon as I physically get my hands on a brief. With that said, UNB Tim, put the thought in my head that sometimes a slinky fabric can give the same effect without the center seam anatomical pouch design that I’ve grown accustomed to. That led to me trying this brief and blowing my normal culling process out the window. The fabric on this brief is so sexy and slinky, that it might be the most perfect natural hang in my collection. I wish I had this brief in every color. N2N has done it again and created a manly brief that is both sexy and comfortable.

Here are a few things that I’d like to highlight.

Pouch: Read above. No need to restate the obvious. For a pouch snob, I didn’t turn my nose up when I slipped these on. I smiled from ear to ear and told my wife how awesome the design is. She agreed and even commented that they looked nice on me. She’s a sucker for a great pouch look too.

Waistband: This brief does not have your typical wide waistband that you see on many designers’ undies today. The waistband is narrow and slim and lies perfectly below the belt line so that it doesn’t stick out of pants at all. N2N perfectly matches up their logo over the hips (on the waistband) to create downward arrow focusing on the crotch of the underwear. Very artsy design that is admirable and creative.

Fabric: This fabric blend is slinky, thin, and soft. Doesn’t get any better than this. Be aware that if you wear this brief under thin pants or dress slacks. You get the full impression of your manhood without any hidden secrets. This can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on the occasion of wear. Overall, the fabric gives you an “I’M NAKED!” feel. It’s splendid.

This design is a must have for your underwear drawer. As N2N continues the trend of updating colors to some of their designs that are flawless. I will be adding more and more colors of the Air Brief to my already outstanding collection of pouch briefs that allow for the natural to take place.

BRAND: N2N Bodywear

PAIR: Air Brief

COLORS: Peach, Black, and White

FABRIC: Body: 60% polyester, 32% Rayon, and 8% spandex

SIZES: Small – XL

COST: $21


Where to buy:

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