Salvatore – Asst Editor


  • UNB Name: Salvatore
  • Current Location: Hawaii
  • Where did you grow up: Arkansas
  • What age did you first discover your love of undies? 13-14
  • What was your first pair of great undies? First underwear I bought for myself was a Hanes bikini three-pack in the early 90s. I thought they were so awesome and the obsession began. Little did I know how awesome underwear would become to my life. First great pair— 2xist briefs (didn’t know that pouches could be made with extra room). Now, I’m almost exclusively ANATOMICAL in my preference (briefs are what fills my drawers).
  • What is the last pair you bought? N2N Lounge Brief ($10 Deal)
  • Favorite style of undies? Briefs
  • Least Favorite style? Boxers
  • Do you wear swim briefs? if not would you? Not regularly, but sure!
  • Favorite underwear store (online or in person): UnderU4Men in Portland, OR
  • Favorite TV shows: The Last Kingdom, Black Sails, Game of Thrones, Bastard Executioner, anything with fictional history mixed with realistic fight scenes.
  • What movies have you recently seen?: Star Wars, Daddy’s Home
  • Favorite color: RED
  • What do you do in your spare time? I have 6 kids (2 sets of twins)
  • Interesting fact about you: I’m a twin!
  • What is your Twitter you want to use for the site: @manatomicallyme