Underwear is Art

Since the first part of December I have started to draw again. It’s been many years since I have taken pen to paper, or in this case, Apple Pencil to iPad. I was a little rusty when I started but it’s like riding a bike, you never forget and just get right back where you were.

I have really enjoyed getting real guys out there and drawing them. One of my favorites is the 2Beefy2Thick boys. I have drawn them naked, in thongs and at their wedding. They were the first guys I drew in clothes! LOL. Note the hat below and that’s so true!

Here are some of my favorite pictures I have created so far and plan to do a lot more!

I’m trying to draw guys from models to real guys and specifically beefy guys! ClemsonCub on IG is one I have gone into detail on his pics and have really enjoyed getting better and better.

I plan on opening a store soon to see prints and other merchandise. Some guys have already started to ask about that, don’t worry it’s coming. Do you want to be drawn? I am taking submissions, but note I can’t draw all submissions. However if you want to hire me to do a pic, you move to the front of the line! I’m charging $35 to get your own high res art and can get you an actual print for a bit more! DM me or email me

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