Celebrate with N2N Bodywear’s Celebration Thong

Alright, how many of us this year have just said “Shut up and take my money,’ to N2N Bodywear. There have been so many “must-have” pairs. However, our wallets say “take a chill” Well, I hate to be the barer of bad news or is it good news, that N2N Bodywear keeps churning out more amazing pairs.

One of the newest is the Celebration Thong. This neon colored thong is amazing. The pouch to the waistband to the back, it’s one HOT thong.

Let’s keep PRIDE alive ALL YEAR LONG with N2N’s Celebration Thong! 

This neon collection is made from nylon/spandex and combines all the elements of a sexy thong including a fabulous unlined pouch which makes it perfect to wear as swim or underwear!

Don’t be afraid to get it WET!

Get the Celebration thong before it’s gone!

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