BRIEF TALE by Brief Talk: Volume 2

You know these two amazing friends, Patrick is BriefsBuff on Twitter and formerly IG, and Andrew is ardjg on IG. They have been friends for a few years and decided to tell their stories together. It’s great to hear how each of these amazing guys came to love underwear. One tip is to make sure you lock down your account from family. Follow Patrick at twitter.com/briefsbuffand Andrew at instagram.com/ardjg and follow us at unbblog 

We are joined by Hunter Bigham (instagram.com/hunterbigham2) to talk about how he discovered his love of underwear. He has a very interesting story and brings up a brand that more guys are coming to discover from Italy. He and his Husband (instagramm.com/johncmartell) do great pics together. Hunter is always posting undies and swim briefs pics. Take a listen.

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    July 28, 2020

    great podcast for guys who like underwear! I collect thongs and jocks!


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