Starting UNB Fan Friday

We are going to start a new segment here. After the UNB Survey, we need to profile real guys more often. So, I have created a Fan Friday segment. It will be across the blog and social. In order to do this we need your help in submitting your pics to us to profile. How does it work:

  • DM us on social (Twitter, IG) or email us at info@underwearnewsbriefs.com your pics. Note the pics must be pg-13. We reserve the right to reject any pics.
  • Include a statement giving us permission to use the pictures for Fan Friday. Something as simple as “Please feel free to use this/these photos for fan Friday.”
  • We will post one guy on the blog and as our IG post of the day, others on our IG stories.
  • You score bonus points if you include a little about yourself.

I know we have tons of followers/readers who love to show off. I have seen a lot of you guys already on IG and under some of our favorite such as Undies_Cub, Scruffygay, UndiesGeek85, and more. So let’s do this guys!

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