New Cellblock 13 PROWLER 2.0

Looking for some new gear? If you said yes, Cellblock 13 just released the new Prowler 2.0 Neoprene body harness with jock armor. This pair is perfect for those of you who want a thong over a jock! The back is a thong design!

Our NEW Prowler Neoprene Body Harness w/ Jock Armour is made out of a high-quality soft, stretchy neoprene with bright nylon banding that will make you stand out. 

This updated body harness is sturdy, masculine and designed to make you look good. Side straps clips to the Jock Armour to give you a very sexy V-shape from front and back.

The snaps at the ends of each strap make this an easily adjustable harness so you can get the perfect fit. Comes with a detachable cup and silicone Jock Armour so you’re always ready for action. A 1″ legal strap goes all the way around to cover your booty for instant day to night gear fetish wear!

PAIR: Cellblock 13 Prowler 2.0
COLORS: Blue, Pink, Red, and Black
FABRIC: Neoprene
SIZES: Small – X-Large
PRICE: $96.00

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