New Ergowear X4D!

Are you a fan of Ergowear? The newest pouch is the X4D. If you are unfamiliar with the newest edition to Erowear here is what you need to know about the pouch:

You’ll experience extra-dimensional comfort, full-support and an exceptional sensation in one of these X4D undergarments thanks to the pioneering & enhancing X4D pouch. The nose-shaped X4D pouch follows the natural contour of your genitals without making you feel that constricting sensation of regular underwear. Not only does it give you plenty of room for your anatomy, but also a slight lifting/enhancing effect. They feel so comfy & supportive, that you’ll be able to take part in any kind of activities, no matter what you do.

The new colors you should check out is the Navy and Space Gray. These are the two colors in the full line, which includes a thong, bikini, trunk, and boxer brief.

Get the new Ergowear X4D pairs at the UNB Store!

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  1. Avatar
    January 10, 2020

    Love Ergowear…only wear them for the past year


  2. Avatar
    January 13, 2020

    Love Ergowear too.
    Tried only feel for the moment and I’m waiting for my last order with an X4D bikini Chrysler in it !
    I’ll tell you as soon I’ll try it.


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