End of an Era: Prevail Sport

Just yesterday, I was talking about UNB turning 11! How, in the last few years, I have gotten to know the industry. And that the most significant thing that I don’t like is going through old brands that are no longer around. We have a new brand to add to that list, and it’s an iconic brand, Prevail Sport

Prevail Sport is a brand that has been around since before the internet. I remember getting their catalog back in the day. They transitioned to the internet and have a big and loyal following. The other day they sent out an email that said:

After 30 years of giving you your favorite swimwear, underwear, and thongs, Prevail Sport is saying goodbye. We have loved everything on this journey, but it’s time to retire and put our feet up. 

We are no longer buying new fabrics or supplies, so when our products run out, they will simply be gone. We don’t know when our last day will be. All we know is when the last product is Sold, we are closing the doors for good. 

Prevail Sport Email

It was shocked they were closing, as are many of you who are reading this for the first time. As mentioned in their statement, Prevail Sport has been doing this for 30 years. That means they started in 1989 (Like I said pre-internet). 

The strange thing is they are based in Atlanta, and I never met them. Which you think being in the hometown, we would find a time to meet up. Well, I wish them the best and kick your feet up and relax, you deserve it after 30 years of making awesome gear. 

Everything will be going, and once gone, the end of another era in underwear goes with it. If you are a fan of the brand, leave a comment on what they mean to you or your favorite pair. 

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