Brief Distraction featuring Jockstrap Central

As every knows, the most famous jockstrap ever is the Bike #10 Jockstrap. When Bike shut their doors, Meyer, the European distributor for Bike contacted the Bike Factory in China to start producing Bike jockstraps under the Meyer brand. They immediately came out with both white and black #10 Jockstraps but they were reluctant to produce the original colored #10 Jocks. After years of persistance, they finally caved and here we are – now with royal-blue, scarlet and gold #10 Jocks. 

The only difference in these jocks from the original Bike jocks is the brand name. Where there was “Bike” on the front label is now an MM (for Meyer Marketing).

Here’s our exclusive photos of Jockstrap Central’s model Markus Kage (aka Simon Marini) in the new colored #10 Jocks. 

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