Reader Survey Results – Gymwear

Gymwear is something you guys want us to cover more! This is a good thing and something we are listening to you guys! We have done some coverage but not a great deal. I think in our second decade we need to branch out a little more in our coverage.

Most of you guys wear gym shorts to the gym. While 14% do wear spandex runners/tights. This is good to see! There is a growing trend of spandex coming back to the gym for guys. More guys are getting comfortable wearing them.

The majority of you wear your runners without anything over them. I know some guys don’t feel comfortable to wear them without something over them. But you can wear something under them. We suggest a thong if you need extra support .

Almost 50% of you guys said you wanted to see more gym wear reviews. A other 1/3 said maybe. So this is a pretty strong number that we need to start including these in the UNB line up.

Here are the things we need to review;

  1. Spandex tights/Runners
  2. Gym Shorts
  3. Track/Yoga pants
  4. Tanks
  5. Tees

We have a lot of brands you guys recommended as well! Stay tuned!

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    July 15, 2019

    I wear tights almost exclusively, except when I’m running then I wear running shorts, but I love tights and leggings


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