New Addicted Le Maison Collection

It’s been a while since we brought you some great undies from Addicted. The new collection is out and it’s called La Maison. I know we have quite a few Addicted fans out there. Here is what they tell us about the new line:

We are pleased to present the new 2018-19 Fall/Winter ADDICTED Underwear Campaign. Named Le Maison, on this occasion Addicted is inspired by the teleseries from the 80s where elegance, drama and, above all, entertainment were assured.

All our 2017-18 Fall/winter ADDICTED campaigns were directed by the renowned photographer Alex Salgues (France) who has managed to get the spicier & smarter side of ADDICTED.

If you love this collection make sure you check it out!! You can find it at the Addicted Website.

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