Sluggers new Cherry Bomb

As we finally get some fall temps up here in the States, Australia is about to enter summer. Aussie brand Sluggers is releasing some cool new pairs. One in particular that caught my eye was the new Cherry Bomb. It makes you wish we had a longer summer (but only to rock this on a beach), but I guess we still have Miami, San Diego and Hawaii!

The new print is just super fun. I think Australian brands have a lot more fun with patterns and prints. They all seem like they love to have fun and not take things so seriously. I think Sluggers is one brand that really does prints and patterns very well. They range from the traditional to the fun.

Another awesome thing about Sluggers is it’s available in three different styles. The Classic, Deetees, and Racer back. That means you can get the same print in different cuts. One thing that I hate is when you find the perfect print and it’s not in your favorite style. Sluggers you can get the bigger cut, regular and smaller , as I like to say.

Check out the Cherry Bomb and all the new styles at Sluggers! You won’t be disappointed.

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