Modus Vivendi launches the Iconic & Meander Swimwear lines

May 2018. Take a splash into style with the Modus Vivendi classy Greek styled swimwear lines. From cocktails, to parties, to beach cabanas, each venue has its own style; get into an Iconic or Meander swimwear and you are dressed to impress.

The Meander line features a brilliant blue meander (Greek key design) pattern, while the Iconic line features the black and white patterns found on ancient Greek pottery that resemble the waves of the Aegean Sea. The Iconic & Meander line comprises of swim brief & brazil cut boxer. Sophisticated, referential, sexy and comfortable the Greek styled lines are available in basic chic colors. The Iconic line is available in black and white; the Meander line is available in Blue and white.

The Modus Vivendi Iconic & Meander Swimwear line is available from €48.50

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