4 Hunks New Thong – Win one

4 Hunks has some amazing gear! They have been releasing more than just underwear in the last few weeks. One of the newest pairs is a thong. However, there is one issue that is causing an issue. They don’t have a name for it. 4 Hunks is holding a contest to give away the thong and get the chance to name it.

As you can see by the pic it’s a pretty sexy as hell thong. It’s the first time 4 Hunks has made a thong and I hope not the last. I’m loving the gear they create. It’s great gear that you can wear for regular wear or fetish time! Who doesn’t love versatile gear!

So how do you win this amazing thong? Go over to the 4 Hunk site. Navigate to the Promotions page. Follow the rules and then come up with a name. If chosen as the winner you get the thong and the pride knowing you named a piece of underwear. Heck, even I haven’t done that yet. I’ve done a lot but never named a pair or line. I guess I need to try harder!

After this pair is released we will bring you more in-depth coverage on the pair.

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