Slick It Up Bubblekini Thong

Do you like the smallest thong you can buy? This is the smallest thong that Slick It Up can make. Not in the sure size of the thong on but the thong itself can fit in the size of a bubble gum piece. Making it perfect for your ever-expanding underwear drawer. If you’re like me space is a premium.

This thong as a funny name but is made for accenting your backside. The contour pouch mixed with the triangle design in the back will make your cheeks pop and show off. It is available in two colors, black and bubblegum (pink). I think these are the perfect colors and if you can’t decide on which one you want you can get a combo with both colors.

More companies like Slick It Up are designing barely there underwear. Using fabrics and technology to create the smallest and most comfortable underwear on the market. It’s awesome to see this happen. It can be said it’s almost like a technology race in the world of men’s underwear!

This pair is just $22 for the one thong and $40 for both the black/bubble gum pack! This is one of the least costly items I have seen on the Slick It Up site. It’s pretty much in line with what a thong will cost you. Especially when you compare to other brands.

Lastly, this thong reminds me of one of my very first thongs. It was a similar cut and black. I remember it very well. But something tells me this will fit better than that thong. It was 100% cotton and a bigger back. I wish I would have had something like this back then!

If you are a thong fan, we highly recommend checking out the Bubblekini out from Slick It Up. Just double check the sizes before you order.

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    March 09, 2018

    Keep the thong content coming! Going to have buy a pair of these!


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    March 10, 2018

    Small thongs are interesting. If you get one that fits right they are super comfortable. Definitely interested in this one.


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