Jockstrap Central Cellblock 13 Sale and Gear Bag Giveaway

All you Cellblock 13 fans pay attention, not only do we have a sale on all our Cellblock 13 gear, but for the next few days (ends Tuesday), we’re also giving away free Cellblock 13 Gear Bags to everyone who spends $50 or more on Cellblock 13 gear. As a bonus, you’ll also end up with free USA shipping or discounted world shipping with that deal (more on that below). Hint: just pick up any of the CB13 harnesses or fetish shorts and you’ll have already earned your gear bag. Throw a few Sonic or Xtreme Hybrid jocks into your shopping cart and you’ll also be the proud new owner of a CB13 bag.

The gear bags are pretty awesome, they’re made with a lightweight nylon with multiple pockets, designed to be worn like a backpack. The main pocket is for all your gear and the smaller, easy-access outside pocket holds your wallet, money, party essentials or even condoms. With a big Cellblock 13 logo front and center so everyone knows what you’re into. You can see detailed photos of the bag by clicking the promo graphic on the Cellblock 13 page at Jockstrap Central.

Of course the obvious use for the gear bag is simply somewhere to put your workout gear on the way to the gym, but it’s also the perfect place to store your clothes if you’re going to a naked party, nude beach or naked bicycle charity ride and it’s time to strip off.

Currently, we have all sorts of hot Cellblock 13 gear. By far the down and dirtiest is the Xtreme Hybrid collection of jockstraps, jock briefs, fetish shorts and matching harnesses. Dirty because EVERY piece has a built in but removable Perfect Fit silicone cock ring. If that weren’t enough, the pouch of the jock, jock brief and short can snap off, perfect when you want to show off that engorged dick of yours. The harness can either clip on to the other Hybrid gear, or you can simply clip it on to the belt loops of your favorite pair of jeans. Xtreme Hybrid comes In all your favorite fetish colors.

Slick and sexy, look no further than Cellblock 13 Sonic Neoprene Gear. These jocks and matching harnesses are made with a stunning ribbed rubber in black with accents in either grey, white, red or blue. The jockstraps defy gravity, think jockstrap with leg straps but without a waistband. It’s held up by the matching Sonic harness. Even better is you can mix and match the Sonic and Hybrid collections.

Then there’s the jocks. We’ve got both the classic Bike #10 inspired Fullback Jockstraps in five solid colors with traditional info and logo label on the outside, exactly where it’s supposed to be. We’ve also got the modern take on a swimmer jockstrap and a unique jock brief, called the Ward Jock Collection – both designs with the comfiest and sexiest pouches around, made with a fabric that will caress your boys and make them sing.

If we happen to be out of your size in the Cellblock 13 gear you have your eye on, check back in a few hours. We’re expecting a large restock shipment from CB13 this afternoon.

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