Interview with L’Homme Invisible

We introduce an interview with a brand we think you should know. L’Homme Insivible. They are out of France and make some amazing underwear for men. Here is more about this incredible brand. We had the chance to talk to owner and designer Sandeep Sahni.

We have covered L’Homme Invisible a few times in the past, but for our readers who aren’t familiar with your brand, can you tell them about it? 

The name of the brand, L’Homme Invisible, translates as “the Invisible man” in English. It is about gentlemen who not only pay attention to the visible details like clothing, but also to what is invisible to people at first glance… one of them being their underwear! To take this idea further the brand focuses on creating designs of intimate apparel, personal objects and loungewear.

How long have you been making underwear for men? 

The brand was launched in 1986. I have been designing underwear since 2000 and worked for Armani, Lacroix and several other high end and mass market underwear brands before taking over as L’Homme Invisible creative director in 2012.

You are based in Paris, which is the fashion capital of the world, how does this influence your designs?

Paris is not only a fashion capital but also culturally very rich. The influence goes beyond its fashion… L’Homme Invisible is inspired by its culture, its classic and contemporary art, the diverse architecture spanning over thousands of years which remains intact until today. There are creative influences all over Paris and that’s what inspires me.

One thing that your brand is doing is mixing the masculine and feminine in its designs. What made you mix the lace with other fabrics?

I want to break barriers and crush pre-conceived notions about fabrics. To me, lace is not a feminine fabric, it is just a fabric! It is just because people used it to make mainly garments for women, that many associate it with feminine styles. You can use the same technique to make fabrics and change the styling to offer men something full of sensuality.

By nature, male is a colourful gender. Look at birds and other animals; male is almost always more colourful so, I think, it is only natural that many of us like wearing more fancy stuff, or want to have more colours on us, prints, or even extravagant stuff… just like nature itself really intended. To me its only natural but I know changing people’s perception needs a lot of work. I really want to change the very idea of men’s underwear with our designs.

Would it be fair to say you make lingerie for men? 

That’s how some like to call our styles. Well, if women’s sexy underwear is called lingerie, then yes, what we do is male lingerie.

Your fabric is one of the most unique on the market. How do you find and decide on what fabric to use? This includes your prints

Thank you! I believe I’ve got an eye for design. I visit the best fabric manufacturers in Italy, France, Germany and Austria and look for what we call in French “coup de Coeur” which means love at first sight. The fabric has to not only look good, but to feel good and to endure. I also, quite frequently, visit fashion and textile trade fairs in Europe to find the right stuff.

Who do you consider to be the L’Homme Invisible guy? Who wears your underwear/swimwear and gear? 

The typical L’Homme Invisible man feels comfortable in his own skin and has a high level of sophistication. He is cultured, he likes reading, he believes in real values and finds no pleasure in being a show-off…

Tell us about some of your newest collections? What has been the best sellers of the past year? 

The Tosca line made from Italian velvet with baroque jacquard motif was a huge success, followed by “Feuilles d’Amour” (translates as “leaves of love”) in lace. The new collections will continue with Baroque and Romanticism inspirations, and a spirit of “bon vivant français”, the French way of joyful living!

What can one of our readers expect when they buy and try a pair of L’Homme Invisible? 

They should be sure to get a one of a kind piece of clothing, made from the best quality fabric, styled and moulded to follow a man’s natural curves. In a few words, great underwear full of sensuality and passion!

What do you have planned for the future? 

Oh! Lots and lots and lots! Well, everything involves the intimate moments of men, be it underwear or something new. I can’t say more (he smiles) but you will see soon and I hope you’ll like it!


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