Swimwear Sunday – Marcuse Jewel Swim Brief

Swimwear Sunday is about showing off and having fun, well sometimes. That is the pair today, the Marcuse Jewel Swim brief. The print is one that really caught my eye. It’s not a print that I have seen or seen often in the world of men’s swimwear. I love to see companies step outside of the box and try new things.

The Marcuse Jewel Swim Brief’s print is one that is tattoo like, so the Marcuse site says. It’s either black on white or red on beige. To me, the black print is more of a classic print. The red just says tropical, I could see guys on some tropical island with drinks in their hands just hanging out. Either way, you go, you can’t go wrong with this pair.

The search for the perfect swimsuit is one that many of us have. They want what this suit says “it hugs the body and but has enough room to hold your jewels and at the same time creates a figure perfect butt!” We want to show off a bit and have fun. Marcuse is a company that can deliver on each of those promises! They have amazing design and construction.

The fabric is an 80% Nylon 20% Spandex Italian fabric. Which they says is “sexy, soft and comfortable.” We have tried a few of the pairs and they are pretty much spot on! Here are a few more features of this suit:

  • Damask prints on front and back
  • Elastic waistband and internal drawstring
  • Front lined interior
  • MARCUSE embroidery logo and side tag

One thing to note is the size chart. LOOK at this before you order

  • XS : 27 – 29 inch lower waist (69 – 74cm)
  • S : 30 – 32 inch lower waist (75 – 81 cm)
  • M : 32 – 34 inch lower waist (81 – 86 cm)
  • L : 34 – 36 inch lower waist (86 – 91cm)

Find this pair at the Marcuse site for $49.99 AUD

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