Swimwear Sunday – Go with Stripes from aussieBum

It’s Swimwear Sunday! This edition of Swimwear Sunday we are going retro. aussieBum updated their Vintage Stripes collection. These give a nod to swim briefs in the 70’s. Some out there may remember that back then stripes were popular in men’s swimear. Unlike today’s pairs they were made out of nylon, so they didn’t have the comfort of today’s swiwmear.

I love aussieBum’s nod to the past. They do it a lot in some of their lines. They will take something classic or maybe something we forgot about and put their design spin on it. I think it’s important to get inspiration from past styles. aB is not afraid to draw from the past and make some amazing pairs of unerwear and swimeawr.

This is the official descripsion:

ussieBum brings back the fun, retro look for Summer with the new Vintage Stripes range in our classic swimwear style. We’ve searched far and wide for the classic looks our Aussie forefathers hit the surf in from the good old days. Relive the past and redefine your future with these sexy, lightweight and quick drying swimmers. They’re so durable they’re the choice of Aussie Surf Rowers. If you doubt yourself, wear something else! Proudly Australian made

If you have been wanting to try some aussieBum this maybe a great pair to try. Made out of 100% polyester, don’t let that scare you, it will fit really well! Also, if you have seen some of their loose line, they can be a bit sheer when wet. These have a sheer rating of low on the aussibum site. Some of you may want to show off but for those who doen’t this pair is foryou.

The best thing about the Vintage Stripes is the price. It retails for $21.25. Which is amazingly inexpesnive in the world of swimewar. Mos tswimwear is around $30-60. This means there’s no better time to get soem swimwear. Available in five new olor combors. Go shop aussiebum now!

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