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I joined UNB back in February with an open mind to try new things. That led to very open and honest conversations with friends and family about the men’s underwear industry, very good friendships with some of the other writers on this blog, exposure to big brands that includes talking to designers and owners, and ultimately reviews of styles that I never considered on my own. One of those styles is the topic of every Thursday’s post here at UNB—THE THONG!

Thong underwear for men goes back several centuries (some argue millennia) and has descendants like the loincloth, jock strap, and modern g-string. For our purposes, the thong is a fairly modern reinvention dating to the early 1930s for some in the adult entertainment industry (mainly women) and widely produced for men beginning in the early 1970s. Why am I telling you this—to show that thongs are a fairly common and acceptable style of men’s underwear. Only recently has our society questioned their manliness.

Here are a few questions I have received through UNB considering my participation in the thong phenomena that is sweeping the underwear industry:

What made you decide to try thongs?

I believe there are two real reasons thongs now exist in my collection:

  • I committed to this blog with an open mind and promise to UNBTim that I would try new things. I never said I’d like everything that I try or that I’d write reviews that aren’t true.
  • I have tried everything that brands have sent me to review. Thongs have been a part of those assignments.

What has your journey looked like so far in reference to thongs?

To date, I have received several thongs to review for the site. At first, I was a little reluctant and then I decided to give everything that comes in the mail a fair shake. One of our distributors sent over an Ergowear X3d thong for me to try. I decided to put it through my ultimate review testing cycle: 1.) All day wear 2.) Workout-wear 3.) Sleepwear

I enjoyed every moment of each of the three scenarios. The thong portion (up the but crack) didn’t bother me at all. Keep in mind that Ergowear X3d meets my anatomical pouch requirement (read any number of my posts to pick up on my pouch snob attitude) and provides some of the highest quality fabrics out there. In other words, I didn’t go to a discount store and try a cheaper brand. Quality counts for something in every situation and you get what you pay for.

Admittedly, I’m not stockpiling thongs, but I don’t have an aversion to them at all. It’s nothing for me to randomly pull one out of my chest of drawers and not think twice about putting it on for the day. It’s just another pair of underwear.

If you’d like any recommendations, hit one of the writers up on Twitter. Everyone is game for helping you find the perfect fit.

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    August 25, 2016

    Great post! I’ve worn Jockey thongs for a while now and I’ll have to try the Ergowear


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    August 28, 2016

    Salvatore, love your sincerity in this blog! I was curious to know what you thought of the thong for sleeping. I am like you, I don’t stock pile thongs and don’t have an aversion to them either. I do wear them on occasion all day and for working out, but I toss and turn a lot while sleeping so I find the string in the back gets all knotted up and in various other places. LOL. again, thanks for the great post


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