Review N2N Bodywear EC1 Eclipse Sport

EC1 Eclipse Sport 3

Thank you to N2N for furnishing this pair for review.

RATING: 9/10


SIZING: 10/10





  • Good butt coverage.
  • Sexy bulge.
  • Sleek design.


  • Drawstring (see below)

TtheAmazing’s Recommendation: A great not skimpy cut suit for feeling sexy and swimming in, but make sure you are ok with showing a little bit of VPL.

I have been on the N2N bandwagon since I first had my great underwear awakening. In college, I would wait till things went on sale and then buy myself a range of items (a jock, a brief, a thong). Slowly figuring out what I was into, and what I thought looked good on me. Until recently, I had not really been a swimsuit person (I hadn’t really done much swimming in my life). In February, I figured out that I’d have this magical week of no work in July, so I decided to go on vacation. I found a gay resort in Florida. Realized I would definitely need to increase my swimwear collection from nothing to something. This started the Great Swimwear Shopping Spree of 2016. For the record, I ended up with 21 swimsuits, and I brought every single one with me. To be clear about how much I love N2N wear, out of the 21 swimsuits I wore on my vacation. 9 of them are N2N pairs (and all different). So, if you didn’t get it yet, I was really excited to be reviewing one of the new N2N swimsuits, the Eclipse Sport.

EC1 Eclipse Sport 4

This pair is a simple design, done very well. It features a full seat bikini cut, with a contrasting swipe going up the side of your bulge. It features a seamless front design. Whatever shapes you are working with down there will be shown proudly. Having said that, the sides of the pouch area are wide enough that it doesn’t give you the saran wrap look. It looks like you’re just wearing paint. I would call the bulge a semi-modest sexy bulge.

EC1 Eclipse Sport 2

Every pair I tried during my vacation got ample pool time. I walked around, got in the pool, swam a bit, got out of the pool, walked around, got back in the pool…etc. This pair is great, because although it is unlined, it looks good wet too. Some swimsuits lose a little bit of their appeal for me when they are super wet, but this pair held up. I prefer the feel of unlined swimsuits. Sometimes the lack of lining makes it a little less appropriate for some venues. I think this pair keeps it mostly classy. Even though you can definitely read a bit of the anatomy underneath, I wouldn’t say it is vulgar.

I got a Large, and it is a perfect fit. N2N has always been pretty great with their sizing. I never really know what to do with drawstrings. When I feel like without tightening the drawstring, the pair fits great. But maybe having a butt helps keep things secure.

To sum it up, I love this pair, here’s a pic of me wearing them on my vacation. If you wanna see all 21 swimsuits I wore, check my Instagram @HoopArtist


Brand: N2N Bodywear

Pair: EC1 Eclipse Sport

Colors: Royal Blue (Silver), Red (White), Orange (Yellow), Olive (Black). NOTE: I’ve listed the Contrast Swipe color in parentheses next to each color option.

Fabric: 83% Nylon/17% Spandex

Sizes: S, M, L, XL

Cost: $24

Furnished By: N2N Bodywear

Where to buy: N2N Bodywear Store

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