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4Guest: Undies Rock

Pouch Couch, pouch couch, let’s all talk on the Pouch Couch! Hey readers, remember you can always do more than read UNB, post, comment, share and like us all over. Personally (shameless self-promotion) I can be found on Twitter @underloverwear. Be a part of it all!

Now today we have the amazing reviewer and writer Undies Rock with me on the Pouch Couch. Let’s strip down to it.

BEAU: Describe to me your perfect pouch?


Undies Rock: Definitely a seam free pouch, with a good solid cup that stays in place all day and doesn’t stretch out on the sides.


BEAU: What stands out for good or bad to you with pouches?
Undies Rock: It usually depends on my mood/activity, but my biggest pet peeve (always) is center seams.  I don’t know why but they don’t appeal to me visually, and I find them uncomfortable.

BEAU: Walk me through the balance as it applies to the power of aesthetics for you.


Undies Rock: Always & forever!  Although comfort is king, underwear is supposed to look cool ;-). I think ultimately I want to feel confident and comfortable with what I’m wearing, and I’d have to dig the pair to do so.
BEAU: Let’s get some examples out for the Couch, what’re some great pairs or examples in your mind?
Undies Rock: Oooo good question:


-for a loose anatomical pouch I am fan N2Ns air collection (in fact all of their pouches!)

-for a more solid pouch for sports I have been really into JM pouches
BEAU: Do you have brand loyalties when it comes to Pouches?


Undies Rock: Currently: N2N, JM, Armani, CK

BEAU: Do you want structure or flexibility?


Undies Rock: I think it depends on the activity, by typically I like a good balance.  I don’t want the pouch to be too flexible to where I don’t feel any support, but I also don’t want to be too constrained.

BEAU: Any Pouch evolution for you over time?


Undies Rock: Ohhh definitely.  For example, when I first viewed N2Ns cuts, they looked too think and loose, but the picture was crystal clear after I tried a couple cuts as to why they are so awesome.  I guess I try to keep an open mind even as much as I can if the styles aren’t up my alley.

BEAU: When functionality isn’t an issue what tops the list:


Undies Rock: For the most part a majority of the underwater I own is functional, but I do have few pairs that are more for show.  But I don’t think the pouch is the issue as much as the style and material are.


Beau: Thanks Undies Rock for stripping down your pouch likes and dislikes on the Pouch Couch! My next guest to plant his cheeks on the Pouch Couch will be Salvatore, stick around!

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