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Guest: T Lawrence

BEAU: Ready for round 3 on the Pouch Couch? Today on the love seat…I mean Pouch Couch, we have T Lawrence and his thoughts on Pouches. So let’s see how he fills his likes and dislikes.

BEAU: What defines the perfect pouch in your mind?

TL: I love pouches that lifts up the balls, and smooths down the penis. For me, since I am a professional acrobat, I don’t like undies that let my balls roam around (I like jiggle, but not bounce if you get what I mean). I like it when the pouch is a separate area from the fabric going under the crotch. Having said that, I don’t like pouches that have that second fabric behind it with the U shaped cutout so your junk falls into an actual pocket. I always feel uncomfortable under my balls after a few hours.


BEAU: What is the most important thing you look for in a pouch?

TL: I don’t like pointy pouches. Ya know where they make the penis head point out and then the balls are elsewhere below? I am not a fan. It has nothing to do with any negative feelings towards male anatomy, I just want it to be a unified front 🙂

BEAU: Which brands make your favorite pouches?

TL: I always do this, where I answer future questions by accident in the category above. So yeah: N2N, Andrew Christian (depends on the collection), and Obviously


BEAU: What are some examples of great pouches?

TL: I am currently obsessed with N2N Bodywear’s Maverick pouch. I had a Maverick G from back in college, but I’m not a thong guy really, but I just got two briefs of the Maverick line and I’m in love. I wanna sew my own out of all sorts of crazy fabrics. Another great pouch I currently love is the BLOW Brief by Andrew Christian (i have 5 of them now). Also, honorable mention to the Obviously Geometric Briefs. Yummy pouch with a sexy light fabric.
BEAU: Do you want structure or flexibility?

TL: Can’t I have both?

BEAU: Absolutely!

TL: I like some structure, cause I am not a free-baller, and don’t want that feeling, but I also spend most of my time in dance belts, so when I am not at work, I want to be able to hang.
BEAU: Do aesthetics play a role in picking out a pair/pouch?
TL:  Absolutely, I am all about color and design details. If a pair of undies is really great fit, but hideous/boring fabric, I probably won’t wear it.

BEAU: Have your pouch preferences changed at all over time?

-Oh definitely, when I was growing up, for some reason, I was afraid of anything manly (which is hilarious, because I was also in LOVE with anything manly). I was afraid when my leg hair was really growing in, armpit hair…and especially afraid of ever showing a bulge. I wore tight underwear that held me up and in…Well, I am definitely not afraid to be visibly manly anymore, and that shows in my undies. I love a good bulge.

BEAU: Any “fun” pairs that you have that aren’t exactly Day to Day pairs?

TL: Hrmmm, I actually got sent a review pair a really long time ago to review for this site. It was kookoobananas. There was literally a fabric wall behind the pouch that had a “gloryhole” in it. You had to get your whole package through that hole by reaching through the sides of the pouch that were open (not the top) to get your junk through. It felt a lot like being in a darkroom, trying to get the can of film open and into the developer tin before you can turn on the light.

BEAU: Anything else before you leave the Pouch Couch?

TL: I am still hunting for my favorite pouch SEWING pattern. It is elusive. If anyone has any leads (yes I know I can just trace undies onto paper, but I want to draft my own…)


BEAU: And there you have it even more thoughts on Pouches. I’m also loving finding out all of the different words or phrases we use to try and talk about what actually in the pouches without actually saying it. We’re a classy bunch J Thanks again to T Lawrence for joining me, Beau Briefs, on the Pouch Couch. Next time we’ll be talking to the perfectly lovely Austin!

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