2(X)ist releases the Double Diamond Collection

2(X)ist Releases the2(X)ist has released a few new lines. One of the newest is the Double Diamond. You maybe asking why do they call it the “Double Diamond?” Well I’m glad you asked, the collection is called this due to the fabric and the waistband. The waistband is a lot of fun but the pair overall is very classic.

When we met with 2(X)ist in Vegas in February Jason gave us a preview of the Double Diamond collection. The fabric is an embossed fabric that has squares turned on the point to form diamonds. The fabric is a wicking fabric that is perfect for being active and on the go. Made out of 92% Polyester / 8% Spandex.

The waistband is my favorite part of this pair. The Double Diamond really comes out. Much like other collections 2(X)ist really pays attention to detail. The waistbands either match or accent the main body color. The 2(X)ist logo is on the left hip. It’s fun but not totally over the top. They described it as a ombre waistband!

The styles that are in the Double Diamond are the No-Show Brief and No-Show Trunk. The colors available are Cobalt, Blue Danube, Formula One (red) and Black. The pairs retail for $26 for the brief and $30 for the Trunk. Find this and more at the 2(X)ist website.

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