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UNB....Navy Blue Camo

After my last review from Blue Collar Underwear I was super excited to try some more. For the record they sent me 5 pairs to review. So you will read a lot more about the brand in the next week or so. The City Briefs just had me loving the brand. Would this love continue to the Miltary Camo Briefs?

The briefs are more of a trunk to me. Unlike the City Briefs these were more of a cotton fabric rather than nylon. This made me wonder if they would hold up through out the day as well as my previous pair. Without hesitation I put them on and set out on my day. I wore these to a really long and active day. I helped a friend out and worked an event for 13 hours. This was no ordinary day. Getting the day started at 5 am and non stop till 7 PM.

The first thing I noticed on the pair was the camo color. I liked the use of blue rather than the traditional green. It is a lot of fun. The next thing is the material. It really breathed well through the day. However, it didn’t conform to me as the City Brief did and at times it rode up a bit. Not a great deal but it was noticeable. This could have been due to everything I had to do during the day. I think if it had been a regular day I wouldn’t have had any issues. Third is the pouch, which was great. Blue Collar seems to have a great pouch in every pair they make. It gave me ample support during the day. There is nothing I hate more than a pair that looses support in the pouch. Why bother having undies if it doesn’t hold up and these did all through the day.

Sizing in these were very good. As I have said I’m 6’4” and 245ish with a 38 waist right now. These fit waist sizes 36-39 waist. Granted I’m on the upper end but it still fit pretty well. You should be able to find the right pair with their size chart. Like with all size charts if you’re on the boarder of a size you may want to go for the larger size.

I will say I am becoming a fan of Blue Collar Underwear. I have three more pairs to get through. One I temporarily misplaced, but I did find! They will be out next week or so.


  • Great Camo Print
  • Supportive Pouch
  • Breathable Material


  • Rode up during the day
  • More of a trunk than a brief


  • Daily Fit – 8.5
  • Sizing – 9
  • Construction – 9.5
  • Styling – 9
  • Daily Performance – 9
  • Overall – 9

Blue Collar Underwear furnished this pair for review. You can find these at their site for $21.00

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    May 17, 2014

    Love the looks of this brief! I might just have to get one to try…


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