Magic Coverage: 2EROS and Supa Wear for 2012-2013

This was the first time I got to meet with 2EROS. I think this was the first time they were at a US show! It was great to see the new collection and find out more about them. I know they aren’t too well known in the US. I have seen a few retailers selling them however it’s mainly been on Facebook and the internet that I ran across them. They have been around I think since the start of UNB. We have covered them in the past and after meeting them you can definitely count on seeing them more on UNB.
One thing I think is great about 2EROS is they have a lot of fun creating underwear. It shows in the designs and colors they use. They aren’t a line you would think plain. They mix leather and rubber accents with colors and different fabrics.
Here is bit of what we talked about at Magic!

US Collection

  • US Summer
    • Tab series
      • Not a super low rise but low rise (tab at the top)
      • No lining on Tab Series, only in the pouch and tab sticks to the skin and yellow/white shows skin
    • Signature Stripes
      • Has the same fit as tab
      • The new waistband to a custom design and waistband is sewn into the band and includes draw string and 2eros logo toggles on the end draw string
      • White is lined (and kinda of see through)
      • Available in candy and black
    • Signature shorts
      • Has the same waistband as signature shorts
      • They are shorter shorts
      • Also has in between sizes
      • Mesh lined
      • Same colors as the Signature stripes
    • Outback
      • Colors are Forrest, marine and sand – based on outback theme
      • Mixed texture together with mesh and shiny waist band with faux leather ( eco friendly and water proof)
      • Lined on front and back – mesh will be see through
      • Not same mesh as lining and and larger, whole safe more textured
  • Australian Summer
    • Icon swimwear
      • Customers like the pouch a lot
      • Low rise with a drawstring is outside which has the toggles
      • Signature drawstring and and new logo
      • The logo is bigger on the backside
      • Available in Navy, yellow and blue
    • Nation
      • The style is more like a square cut
      • Really great colors
      • Has toggles and drawstring
      • Images on the front, used the mesh on outback on these and is transparent (back front is lined)
      • Has a rubberized tab in back
      • This line will be based on national colors, aussuie, United reb/lbue right italian.
  • Underwear
    • Stripe Underwear
      • First woven pattern 2EROS has done
      • Has a leather logo on the waistband
      • Has the same design as the Outback Swim
      • All underwear has a low rise.
      • Focusing on bigger pouches in the collection
    • Day Racer
      • Will be available mid September
      • Is a cross between a brief and a trunk
      • Will have  a waistband that is navy red and silver. The logo in in the waistband
      • The main body color will be white
      • 2EROS gave more room at pouch and wider waistband
    • Jock Series
      • Is available now!
      • The line is created with “universally” liked colors
      • The line is made from Tactel’ (a type of Nylon) with wicking and elastane.
      • When released the Jock straps will only be in one color – Blue
      • Briefs comes in two colors  – red and blue
      • The Jock series has a bigger pouch then other collections.
  • Supawear
    • Will be priced at a lower price pint and younger
    • Unlike 2EROS the line will only consist of one fabric which is  elastine cotton
    • All briefs are low rise
    • Supa Man is a brief that is made every day wear – bold waistband, SW on back
    • Supa  Drive has a Metallic waistband in cyan magenta and trunk is red and blue
    • Swimwear – both have the same fit as 2EROS but a different treatment.
    • The difference is a standard standard drawstring with SW logo, rubber tag back in on the back waistband
    • Supasonic – has a three color waistband and leg trim that alternates. Meaning it doesn’t match each other but rather matches the Waistband.

Find them all on line at: and

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