Review – Cover Male Pouch Enhancing Thong

I was excited to try this new line from Cover Male. I had been hearing great things about the fabric and design. If you are like me you can never have too many comfortable pairs of fun underwear. Sometimes a sexy pair of underwear and a comfortable pair of underwear can be a tricky combination.

There is that moment when you first touch the fabric and you know right away if you are gonna love the underwear. I got this design in vibrant neon orange. It’s definitely a pop of color. The microfiber fabric is very stretchy. The 4-way stretch of the fabric is definitely ideal for a thong. It has thin waistband and strap were very comfortable and never needed to be adjusted. The fit was perfect. The pouch design features a contoured pocket that lifts and supports, however, is a very low-rise fit. I personally could have used at least another inch of fabric. There were a couple of moments where I felt like I was falling out of the top of the pouch.  The base of the pouch was a little too small causing more pressure than I normally desire. I just think this design needs a few tweaks to really bring it into a real contender as an everyday thong.

I also thought the placement if their tag was strange. If I had left this big white tag in the back you would have been able to see it every time I wore the thong. I removed it but then realized that there are no other brand markings on the underwear. I would also suggest they rethink how they put their company’s name on their product.

I will wear this pair again but I probably won’t be wearing it as an all day item. I might wear it to lounge around my house in. I also thought about wearing it to the pool. The fabric would make a great bathing suit. I hope they keep expanding their lines and come up with more creative products using the great fabrics. They have a great start already and I am sure I will be wearing more and more if their thongs over the next few years.

Materials:  83% polyester, 17% spandex


  • Great fabric
  • Fantastic color
  • Great manufacturing


  • Confining pouch








Daily Wear




*OUT of 5*

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