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    August 09, 2017

    l love mens nice and sexy underwear it is hard to find any nice mens underwear where l stay in the local stores and l dont see whey they dont stock nice and sexy mens underwear as there is a market for gay and straight men to buy nice underwear you dont need to be gay to want to buy some nice underwear us sraight guys also love to wear nice sexy underwear that gay guys love to buy and wear l would love to hear what you have to say regards this matter edwin


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    November 30, 2017

    Yes, I agree Edwin. Unless you live in a really large city, local stores in smaller cities seem to stock only the cheapest, boring underwear. And even if the local stores in small cities sell the fancier, sexy underwear, a lot of small town guys are too shy to be seen buying it. So that is why ordering what you like over the Internet works best. (I like using Ebay best). And you also usually get the best prices on the Internet.


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