Brief Talk Podcast – Barely Brief V4 – Boxer Briefs?

We are back for another show! Our main topic is why is it that brands for bigger guys produce more boxer briefs than briefs, thongs, bikinis, or jocks? Me and Stevie feel there should be more of a market for skimpier styles. We also talk about swimwear and some topics for new shows. 

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    January 31, 2021

    I would love bikini briefs in my size. That’s been a thorn in my side is finding a size that fits, even going to big and tall stores is frustrating is that everything is priced higher than regular size clothing. But finding sexy underwear is near impossible for bigger guys.
    I used to wear joe Boxer bikinis and thongs, they had a good fit and stretch to them that I could wear a large and xlarge. Also the thong fit was and is so comfortable and long lasting that I have been wearing them sparingly through the years.
    It’s just shocking that bigger guys are left out of the equation when it comes to different types of clothing/underwear. Or if it is available it is way too expensive to buy.
    I have resorted to wearing women’s jeans in plus size because they are way more comfortable and affordable.
    Well that’s my rant for my day. I hope some of what you talked about goes to someone that can help us bigger men.


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