Baskit $12 Tuesday – X Brief

X Marks the spot this week with the Baskit $12 Tuesday. This week’s pair is the Baskit X- Brief. A super fun brief that is only on sale today only

There’s a sign in our office that reads, “If you’ve got it, give it Baskit!”

Get your mind out of the gutter…when we talk about “it” around here, we mean a real zest for life – a desire to reject the norm and put yourself out there. But sometimes even the best of us need an attitude adjustment.

We need something that reminds us to accentuate the positive when we start our day.

Our X collection is that little nudge. It’s designed to put some of your best assets forward. So, slide into a pair of X, step in front of the mirror, and remember that you’ve got what it takes to make today count. X…your day starts here.

Shop this pair at the Baskit site.

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