New JOR Fetish Line is Released

Are you ready to walk on the wild side of underwear? JOR has released the newest line called Fetish! You will love this line if you love skimpy pairs, such as bikinis, jocks, and thongs. On top of that there are some amazing prints that JOR is known for, and this is what JOR says about the collection.

In this collection we have the participation of Colombian artist, Jaime Arango, graduated in Fine Arts who currently resides in New York. For FETISH collection the artist created the three characters on which it is based: Andy, James and Will; they represent three specific tribes: Bondage, Leather and Bears.

Arango ́s work has an interest that prevails over other themes: The Human Figure; in a way that hi- ghlights the sexiness of being.
FETISH is an invitation to let your fantasies run freely and play with the characters. Which one would you like to be or get to know?

JOR, the POP Brand for Color Lovers!

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