New Camo J-Strin from BodyAware

What are two things guys love lately? They are skimpy undies and a camo print! The new Camo J-String from Bodyaware. It’s a very sexy pair that I know many guys out there will love! I love it and have been debating getting one but still on the fence due to the back. But I know many won’t have this reservation.

Here is what BodyAware says about the pair.

The Camo J-String is made of a bold camo print sportsmesh that allows everything to breathe comfortably.  The pouch has a lightweight inner lining that provides a seamless inside finish and guarantees no chafing.  The center seam gives a nice contour to your bundle without the squeeze or the pinch.  And your posterior will enjoy new-found freedom in the Y-styled back.  This is your chance to try something new and unique.

PAIR: Camo J-String
COLORS: Grey camo
FABRIC: 90% nylon/10% spandex
SIZES: Small – 2XL
PRICE: $22.00

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    October 17, 2020

    I love G-strings and jockstraps and this looks like a really hot alternative.


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