Mask Review – Gregg Homme Masks

Masks are a way of life for us and it seems like they will be around for a bit longer, especially here in the US. I have been getting masks from many of the underwear brands and have been trying them out. One of the brand now making masks is Gregg Homme. They make amazing undies but do they make amazing masks?

I got sent 3 different masks from Gregg Homme the Regular mask in denim (above), Adjustable Mask in Black marble, and Cup Mask in Pink army. Two of them are over the ear and the Adjustable mask goes around your head. I personally am a fan of the over the ear masks because they are easy to take on and off, how ever sometimes they get too loose after wear.

I LOVE the Regular mask and has become the one I wear the most. It’s really tight around my face and fits really well. I was really impressed with the fit and how comy the mask is for all day wear. The Cup mask fits just as well as the Regular mask. I may have to get even more of these. Not to mention there are about a dozen different prints and colors.

The Adjustable mask was nice. The first thing I noticed was the metal adjusters on the mask were solid, meaning they had a heavy weight to them and the mask fit really well, I mean Gregg Homme makes some awesome masks. They didn’t let me down.

I love these masks. I”m really impressed and they fit awesome. If you gotta wear masks why not wear ones that feel great and fit you Go to the Gregg Homme site and get you some masks, you will love them!

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