BRIEF TALK Podcast: Taking Underwear Pictures

Brief talk podcast – Underwear pics

  1. Intro 
    1. Welcome and topics from pre show 
    1. Introduce panel 
  2. Schedule for podcast
    1. Week of Thanksgiving we will not have a show
    1. Every so often we will have 2 shows in one week. Patreon will have the same but Brief Tales are released as separate episodes. 
  3. Speedo movement
    1. One year anniversary 
    1. Cody – talk about new merch at the Speedo movement 
  4. Unb anniversar
    1. Blog is 12 this month 
    1. Thanks to everyone who made it possible 
  5. Main topic underwear pics
    1. How to take great pics
      1. Andy, Erik, and Stevie 
      1. How do you guys take the pics you take for IG?
      1. What phone do you use ?
      1. One tip for taking pics 
    1. Face vs. no face 
      1. Why do you guys show face or not 
      1. Why did you show face – Andy Stevie Ryan Cody 
      1. Reasons for not showing face – Tim and Patrick 
    1. Being an insta-slut
      1. Drop in with George  (will be up Monday 10/6 on One Drive or Google Drive)
      1. Why should it matter what we do on line with our professional life 
      1. #medbikini. https://www.popsugar.com/fitness/what-is-medbikini-movement-47658179
      1. You can’t be too big of a slut on it with the restrictions 
  6. Close 
    1. Guys social media 
    1. Patreon push 
    1. Unb info 

Follow George on TickToc & Instagram 

George’s TicToc that influenced me – https://www.tiktok.com/@whattheeffscience/video/6868038572881087750

Follow our panelist 

Tim – twitter.com/unbtim or IG instagram.com/unbblog

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