Pink is Masc in the Go Softwear Take Down Singlet

This new singlet from Go Softwear’s American Jock line gives new meaning to the phrase “Pretty in pink.” I was scrolling through the site just looking at the singlets and saw this and I stopped in my tracks. I knew they had the Take Down singlet in black but must have forgot that it came in pink!

Go Softwear makes some of the best singlets on the market. I have a few of them and they are always high quality and feel amazing (just the way spandex should feel against your skin). But pink is not a color we see in singlets. It’s still dominated by the “masculine” colors. However, after seeing this I would say we need more of this!!!!

The Takedown singlet is a nylon fabric that is 100% see-through. The pink color makes it a little harder to decern that it’s mesh. If you wear the black you will know right away it’s see-through. The pink gives you enough to hide the fact until someone gets up closer and then… BAM!

If you love singlets check this out!

PAIR: Go Softwear American Jock Take Down Singlet
COLORS: Pink or black (but we are focusing on the pink)
SIZES: Small – X-Large
PRICE: $49.50

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