Review: Barcode Berlin Masks

In today’s world masks are a given? Studies have shown that wearing masks reduces the spread of COVID-19. When we venture out, we need to be wearing a mask. There are a lot of people who hate wearing them, I get it 100%, I”m not a fan of them either but, it’s better to wear them, than not.

A few weeks back we gave away masks from Jockstraps.com, and I received two of the Barcode Berlin masks. I will say that these are some awesome masks. Some of the other one’s I have had didn’t fit well or were hard to breathe through. This includes homemade and ones I purchased.

What I like about these masks is they fit really well. Unlike other masks I have had the nose piece has reinforcements that make it conform to your nose and will less likely fog your glasses. Next the replaceable filter is a great feature many other masks don’t have.

The masks run $20-24 depending on the style you get. Check out these awesome masks at the Jockstraps.com site.

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