YES I AM – Be bold with swimwear

I love swimwear that is bold and fun. I am not one for always wearing solids. Nothing wrong with that and yes I have some, but I love creative prints and fun. One company that does it is Yes I am. I wanted to profile a few of my favorite suits

Leo on Fire – This brief is amazing. The leopard print has fire on the back. I just thought it was something new and fun.

Sunset Pink Brief – Pink swimwear is always hot. Something about it that I just love and have worn a few times. I need more. This print is whimsical and fun

Lollipop Brief – I am a sucker for this pair, LOL sorry for the pun. But the lollipop print is amazing. At first I thought it was cherries but nope. I top my hat to the designers because it’s awesome.

Leo Blue Brief – Who said you had to do literal animal print? This blue leopard is super hot and we may find more fans of the animal prints.

These are just a few of the amazing prints and pairs. Go to their site and check out everything.

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