Support Small Brands during COVAD-19

As the world knows the COVAD-19 is making its way around the globe. It’s causing problems in Europe and on the rise in the US.  This means more people will be staying home. If you are lucky to work for a bigger company you will be able to work from home. Keep in mind that many out there will not be paid. 

Some of those that may not get paid are smaller stores and brands out there. If they don’t make sales they won’t be paid. If you are stuck at home working think about picking up a pair or two from your favorite small brands.  

Brands to support are 

These are only a few of the brands/Stores out there. If you have a favorite not listed support then in these trying times.  

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    March 17, 2020

    Hello Tim,
    Thanks for your post : here in France we’re confined since 12 am today.
    I’m part of the lucky one being able to work from my home.
    I’ll have a look on the sites you recommend and probably buy one or two pairs.
    We will have to be all united against this f… virus.


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