John Sievers – a brand you must try

I think the John Sievers brand is one of those little know gems of the underwear world.  It’s not a brand you see guys on IG posing in or hear a lot about it.  We have covered it for a few years, but not as much as we should. 

Why is it such a hidden gem?

Well, the pouch is fantastic.  This brand is made for guys who need and want a bigger pouch. The design is ergonomically designed.  Speaking from experience, the pouch is one of the best ones on the market.  

Why hasn’t it caught on as much?

The reason is it’s only available at International Jock. It is one of their store brands.  So you won’t see it in retail stores or online stores.  This means if you don’t shop at IJ you probably have never heard of it before.  

Why should you try it?

Outside of the fantastic pouch, which should be reason alone to try it.  I digress, and the line comes in so many different styles.  You can get a thong, trunk, brief, and even swimwear.   My personal favorite is the briefs because they give you full coverage in the back.  

Check out the entire John Sievers line at the International Jock site 

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    March 08, 2020

    I have a few pairs of the briefs, they are fantastic! I hope the pouch in the thong is just as good. On other brands that have thongs, sometimes the pouch isn’t as good or the same as the briefs pouch


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