New Slick It Up Bubblekini Thong

Who loves a thong? According to our reader survey, a lot of you guys do!! One thong that I saw pop up on social media is the Slick It Up Bubblekini thong. Slick It Up say it’s the world’s most comfortable thong in the world!

The Bubblekini comes in three different colors, Baby Blue, Bae Watch (red), and Snozberry (pink). Three fun names for fun thongs. One thing that you should know about this, and for many of you this is a selling feature, the pouch of the Bubblekini is unlined.

Slick it Up makes some very fun and sexy gear. Some of their gear is on the expensive side, but this thong is priced at $22, which isn’t bad for a pair of undies.

If you love thongs check out this pair! I think it may be a new favorite. Shope this and other pairs on the Slick It Up site.

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