New Clever to Brighten your Undies Drawer

Are you a fan of Clever Moda? Clever does classics, colors, and prints, amazingly well. It’s really cool to see what they come up within each collection. Each one contains some of the best basics on the market. Then they mix in some bright and fun colors. On top of that, they give you some prints you didn’t know you needed.

This new collection is a smaller collection that focuses on underwear. There is no new swimwear or tanks. However, the small collection packs a lot in it. There are several new bikinis that are amazing. Mix in the new trunks and boxer briefs. If that didn’t get you there are new mesh pairs that will give a hit of skin without giving it all away.

Here are some great pics showing the new collection! The best thing to do si head over to the UNB Store to see this entire collection. And yes, there is a pair of long johns!!!

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