Go Covert with new Cellblock13

If you wear fetishwear, sometimes you know it isn’t the most comfortable gear to wear. Fashion trumps comfort sometimes, but Timoteo’s Cellblock 13 has come out with a new line of gear that is as comfy as it is hot. The new line is called the Convert line.

The Convert line “features a a snap off pouch made of luxuriously smooth coated PU that showcases your goods just right, and extra-soft fleece w/ u-bulge on the inside will feel great against your package.” Made in three different styles the jock, thong and trunk. One added bonus to the trunk is there is a zipper in the back.

Each line comes in three colors. The colors are blue, green, or red. As you can see the color is on the trip and waistband. The main body color is dark, with makes it really pop.

Head over to the Timoteo site to check out all three styles.

Covert Jock

Conver Thong

Convert Trunk

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