Candyman Costumes – Halloween is around the Corner

Candyman has always produced super fun costumes. Their very first collection featured them and each year they come out with more. They are over the top and just fun! Some of these you can wear out and others are more for bedroom entertainment.

The costumes have some of the ones you would expect to have such as policeman, pilot, pirate, devil, cowboy, and more. The most recent ones have been more on the skimpy side featuring thongs and jocks. The original ones has more boxer briefs and briefs.

If you love one of the costumes it’s time to buy it now, several of them will not be made any more, some like the Mechanic and Racer driver are gone! Those were super popular to wear out because it was a sheer body suit with just the right things covered up.

If you are bold enough to wear them out or just at home for someone special. Check out all the Candyman Costumes at the UNB Store.

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