New Mundo Unico for Fall

Mundo Unico has a special place in the world of underwear. I remember them being one of the first “good” brands that I ever bought. Getting them and trying them on I was hooked. They have amazing quality and a great pouch! What is not to love about that!

They were growing in the US, and then all of a sudden they cut back. In this time they kinda disappeared. But, now with a new distributor they are back. I’m very happy about it.

The new collection is true to the roots of the brand. They have always been a brand that is not afraid of colors and prints. They were one of the first prints I ever wore. After I broke out of the “only wear solids” phase I was in. Prints allow you to show your personality more than just solids. Well, that’s my opinion.

This collection features boxer briefs, briefs and jocks. I will say, their boxer briefs are one of the few I like. They know how to make them and make them well!

Here is a bit of the new collection, check it out and you can buy it on UNB Store!

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