Modus Vivendi Launches the Socks Line from the MOVE

Don’t overthink it … If it looks good wear it!

You want to look your best at all times and your socks need to suit the type of mood you are wearing this summer. So kick your feet up and show what you are wearing.

Don’t play it safe put some color in your life and make it interesting, experimenting with designs.

Use novelty or color-blocked socks to add a sense of sartorial know-how to your look. Bold toned socks are the easiest way to dip your toe into thoughtful accessorizing.

Don’t hide them from the world. Try cuffing your pants or having them tailored with no break and go for more of an athleisure look.

The New Socks line comprises of Athletic socks, Tongue socks and Fishnet socks.

The Modus Vivendi New Socks line is available from €12.30

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