SlickitUp Electric Indigo Thong

If you’re going to wear a thong swimsuit why not go all out and have some fun with it. By wearing a bright color, bold print or something else fun. Slickitup has a new Electric Indigo thong Swim suit that is perfect for the guy who wants to rock a thong and draw attention to himself.

The thong itself has an electric blue hologram print. Meaning it will be one that people will come up and ask where you got it. We can almost guarantee it will be a conversation starter at any pool party this summer.

One thing they caution about is wearing this in highly chlorinated pools. The hologram finish may come off. They also say that if it does the thong will still be stunning in the royal color.

Pair: Slickitup Electric Indigo Swim Thong
Color: Hologram Print
Fabric: TBA
Sizes: Small – X-Large
Price: $64.00

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