New Swim Brand -Sweet Banana Beachwear

It’s Swimwear season! I love finding new brands for you guys. Especially ones that make super fun collections that stray away from the classic. Granted there is nothing wrong with classic, I mean every guy needs a basic black swim brief. But there are times when you want to show the whimsical side of your personality.

A new company, who’s name is pretty awesome, is called Sweet Banana. Their prints are just fun, it’s not for all our readers but I know some of you would love a Unicorn swim brief! I know I would love it, or maybe a leather bear swim brief. This is a collection that you have to look through!

Here is what they say on their site:

SWEETBANANA BEACHWEAR is a project born in Italy in 2015.
From the passion for art, design, sealife and parties it comes a brand new collection of beachwear for men. Sexy fit, bright colors and funny prints: those are distinctive product features for our brand.
All our products are totally designed, cut & sew in Italy, SweetBanana Beachwear promote diversity as value. We are all different one from each other, all unique. Be proud of. We smile at SweetBanana Beachwear, enjoy life and have fun!

Go check out the Sweet Banana site and pick up some amazing swim briefs.

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