Skinzwear – The place for swim thongs

Are you looking for a swim thong? Have no clue where to go to get one? One brand that I like, and many others such as Scruffy Gear blog, Bikinisnthongs, UndiesGeek and more love Skinzwear.

I bough one a while back, they have the little black thong for $22. Which is a deal. It’s very well made and super comfy. It’s a great one to start with and grow your collection. I haven’t worn it to a pool or beach but have worn it as undies.

Skinzwear sells more than one type of thong. They go from skimpy to fuller cut. The styles are Banded Waist Thong, Skinny Side T Back Thong, Quick Release thong, T Back thong Bravura pouch, Pistol Thong, Classic thong, Stuffit Pouch Thong and Tanga Cheekini. That may seem like a lot but you can find your favorite style or mix and match.

The last thing about Skinzwaer is they have the most amazing prints and colors. You can keep it classic with the little black thong or go full on bright with the neon pink, or a wild print. You can really express yourself in Skinzawear.

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