Grapple in Nasty ​Pig Code Singlet

Is it me or are singlets popping up everywhere. I do love me a great singlet and one of the big names in the fetish arena have released their own singlet. Nasty Pig has released the Code Singlet. Which is a very classic singlet with a very Nasty Pig design.

“Singlets are best served classic. Nothing is sexier than the true college wrestling shape.” Nasty Pig designed a singlet that you could see on a college wrestler. Meaning it’s a very classic cut and design. These are my favorite singlet designs as well.

Some things to know about this singlet

  • Fits true to waist size – go by your waist size when purchasing this singlet.
  • Designed to be worn tight – this is a no brainer but if you’re new to singlets it’s going to be tight all over.
  • Engineered print – they have put their spin on the singlet and the design is very modern and fun.
  • Made of athletic grade polyamide spandex – A great fabric for being active in.
  • Lightweight performance fabric – Again perfect for being active.

If you love singlets check the new Nasty Pig Code singlet out. It’s a must-have for your collection.

Pair: Nasty Pig Code Singlet
Color: Black or Blue
Fabric: athletic grade polyamide spandex
Sizes: Small – X-Large
Price: $95.00

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